Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Three Point One Mile Goal that Feels Like a Million Miles Away

Yesterday I finished week 2 of 5K training.  The first week alternated one minute jogs (I averaged 5.2 mph) followed by 1.5 minute brisk walks (3.7 mph).  I kept thinking how easy it felt.  It was too easy.  I wished for a bigger challenge. 

I got that challenge in week two of training.  Jogging was bumped up to 1.5 minutes followed by 2 minutes of walking.  Prior to finding a training program I liked, I was simply jogging for 15 minutes or one mile, whichever came first.  I was doing this at a pace of 4.0-4.5 mph.  However, I assume that those who have run a 5 K know what they are doing and I am going to try their method. 

Week two was tough for two reasons.  Walking actually hurts my muscles more than the jog.  Jogging 5.2 mph for 1.5 minutes seemed far more difficult than for 1 minute.  The first workout of the week felt like it would kill me.  I hadn't felt so out of shape since my first week at the gym.  I monitored and adjusted.  I kept my walk at about a 3.6, but lowered my jog to a 4.6-4.7.  I was able to complete the week, but  not with a small dent in my confidence. 

This week, my routine will change slightly again.  I want to monitor how much I am actually moving in the 20 minutes of run/jog intervals.  Currently, I am traveling between 1.6 and 1.7 miles in 25 minutes, but in those 25 minutes, I have had a 5 minute warm up before the jogging begins. 

What keeps me going?  My book, my music on FIT radio, my determination.  I am reading a book called The Life of Pi.  In the book a couple of lines have really got me thinking when on the verge of giving up.  One of them states something along the lines of your worst enemy being doubt.  Once you doubt yourself, you allow yourself to be defeated.  Another has to do with determination and how some will give up in the face of death (this was how I was interpreting my run at the moment I read this line.  I was fighting a battle against a tiger) and others, no matter how hopeless the situation, will fight to the last minute.

While my fitness is definitely better than it has been in a very long time, maybe than ever, my body is not.  My weight loss has been halted for 3 months.  I have been stuck weight wise.  Some change is needed and I was considering trying  If you have tried it let me know.  I also have a friend in town who is a distributor of herbalife.  Each has it's downside.  First is based mostly on frozen meals.  I want to learn how to eat better fresh foods, not processed foods.  Herbalife is not fresh foods either, and the cost is inhibiting on a teacher salary.  I know I can overcome this hurdle. 

I think I am a fighter.  I was run over at the age of 11 and walked home.  The next year I was thrown out of a car that had been hit at a high rate of speed, I woke up on the asphalt and started to search for my dad.  My family is full of fighters.  My sister fought and won a battle against cancer as a teenager.  Two of my aunts bravely fought their cancer until the very end.  We are fighters and I will fight for the 5K. 

My reward?  Accomplishment.  Maybe a new pair of running shoes from The Running Shop.  HEALTH!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

C25K (Couch to 5K)

     While searching for a 5 K training program, I found this website:  Beyond Diet Community for healthy happy eating...the yogurt bites look Delicious!  I haven't signed up because it was not my targeted search for today, but I will definitely be looking more into it.  If you take time to watch the short video, you would see that they recommend that for a FLAT belly, you should NEVER eat artificial sweeteners, wheat bread, soy milk, fake butter,...and there was one more thing, I don't quite remember. 
     As I quickly skimmed the site, I noticed so many more helpful articles below the video.  If the service is free, I will most definitely be signing up.  Speaking of freebies, just yesterday, maybe the day before, there was link available to download a fee copy of a Paleo Diet book, click here, although it seems that they may have changed it to premier members only.  This diet is supposed to be based on the caveman days...honestly.  How many fat caveman have you heard of?  If you don't have a kindle, you can download the app for your computer or smart phone.  I will be reading this while jogging at the gym. 
     Finally, I did find a lot of 5K training websites.  I specifically chose to go withthe couch to 5K running program (C25K) because I know that they offer an app on my phone.  Hopefully, this will help me to stay motivated as I prepare for the kiss me dirty event in a couple of weeks.  Don't get me wrong, they specify that this is NOT a race and times are not kept, but in the long run, I hope to some day run a real 5K.  Baby steps though.  I never thought I would even run a mile and now I want to do 3.1! 
     Happy (Muddy) trails to you! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Kiss Me Dirty!

     I have been contemplating doing some kind of a charity run/walk event.  I would really like to challenge myself and participate in the Susan Komen 3-Day, which begins November 9, and runs through the 11th.  It is a 60 mile walk!  Not sure who would like to join me, but it is in Phoenix, if enough people would be willing to join me, I'd say let's do it!  there is some fund raising involved.  Recently a former college classmate of mine posted that she would be participating in an event called Kiss Me Dirty.  It looked like fun, but was intimidated.  Just tonight however, a co-worker posted that she would be participating in the same event.  This sparked a conversation with a friend who was at the gym with me and we decided to join.  Thus...My first 5 K will be muddy...Kiss Me Dirty!
     It is a 5K that runs you through a muddy obstacle course.  Times are not recorded, as it is not a race, so it is not as intimidating as other similar events.  Another is a female only even.  I will be having fun in the mud and sun on March 24, 2012 at the Tucson fair grounds.  Come watch if you get a chance, or better yet, join and help raise some money for gynecological cancer research!
     On another note, I have been able to increase my running speed, but keep my running duration!  Up to 4.5 mph for 15 minutes.  I think next time, I will do 4.5 for 20.

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