Wednesday, March 7, 2012

C25K (Couch to 5K)

     While searching for a 5 K training program, I found this website:  Beyond Diet Community for healthy happy eating...the yogurt bites look Delicious!  I haven't signed up because it was not my targeted search for today, but I will definitely be looking more into it.  If you take time to watch the short video, you would see that they recommend that for a FLAT belly, you should NEVER eat artificial sweeteners, wheat bread, soy milk, fake butter,...and there was one more thing, I don't quite remember. 
     As I quickly skimmed the site, I noticed so many more helpful articles below the video.  If the service is free, I will most definitely be signing up.  Speaking of freebies, just yesterday, maybe the day before, there was link available to download a fee copy of a Paleo Diet book, click here, although it seems that they may have changed it to premier members only.  This diet is supposed to be based on the caveman days...honestly.  How many fat caveman have you heard of?  If you don't have a kindle, you can download the app for your computer or smart phone.  I will be reading this while jogging at the gym. 
     Finally, I did find a lot of 5K training websites.  I specifically chose to go withthe couch to 5K running program (C25K) because I know that they offer an app on my phone.  Hopefully, this will help me to stay motivated as I prepare for the kiss me dirty event in a couple of weeks.  Don't get me wrong, they specify that this is NOT a race and times are not kept, but in the long run, I hope to some day run a real 5K.  Baby steps though.  I never thought I would even run a mile and now I want to do 3.1! 
     Happy (Muddy) trails to you! 

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