Monday, March 5, 2012

Kiss Me Dirty!

     I have been contemplating doing some kind of a charity run/walk event.  I would really like to challenge myself and participate in the Susan Komen 3-Day, which begins November 9, and runs through the 11th.  It is a 60 mile walk!  Not sure who would like to join me, but it is in Phoenix, if enough people would be willing to join me, I'd say let's do it!  there is some fund raising involved.  Recently a former college classmate of mine posted that she would be participating in an event called Kiss Me Dirty.  It looked like fun, but was intimidated.  Just tonight however, a co-worker posted that she would be participating in the same event.  This sparked a conversation with a friend who was at the gym with me and we decided to join.  Thus...My first 5 K will be muddy...Kiss Me Dirty!
     It is a 5K that runs you through a muddy obstacle course.  Times are not recorded, as it is not a race, so it is not as intimidating as other similar events.  Another is a female only even.  I will be having fun in the mud and sun on March 24, 2012 at the Tucson fair grounds.  Come watch if you get a chance, or better yet, join and help raise some money for gynecological cancer research!
     On another note, I have been able to increase my running speed, but keep my running duration!  Up to 4.5 mph for 15 minutes.  I think next time, I will do 4.5 for 20.

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