Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm Supergirl?...Maybe not; the rise and fall of an ambitious goal (and an unrealted tragic loss).

celebrating after one of the obstacles...we nearly lost our shoes,
but a lady did lose her phone in some very thick mud.
Last week was a very long week for many reasons.  The week just before last I began the final preparations for kiss me dirty, my first of many mud runs to come.  It was a fun and ambitious goal.  I fiured I could run half of it.  Well, color me stunned.  The Arizona sun was BLAZING.  I had not been out for a run in full sun before.  None the less, it was loads of fun. 

I thought I was Supergirl, and then I learned I wasn't.

There were definitely a few obstacles I was not so sure of.  But, this was something that I had challenged myself with and I would finish, even if at a brisk walk.
I have a terrible fear of falling.  This was a challenge.

Thankfully, my gym partner kept me company the whole way.  We are both on a journey to get healthier and she has been one of my rocks.  In the top pictures, she second to the left of those standing up. 

My partner in crime and I finished about 5 minutes after the rest of the team. 
Not bad, considering how fit they all are.

We finished the race, which really isn't a race since times weren't kept.  The race was a slap in the face.  I ran maybe half of a mile.  but I completed the obstacles.  The end result:  A sunburn, some gnarly bruises, a ding in my confidence, a little bit of pride, a free hand towel, beer and T-shirt (when I say free, I mean $50, since that is what the registration cost).  Let's not forget a couple of very sore shins.
The back of my knee got a little banged up.

I am looking into another mud run, Dirty 6.  My biggest fear is starting first and coming in last, but what the heck who cares?

Two days later, our school week started.  This week we had parent teacher conferences, always a joy!  These weeks are always longer for me than most only because I work a second job.  I am a Teacher, but I also teach cake decorationg two nights a week.  The end result, on three out of 5 nights this work week, I left my house around 6am and returned home after 9pm. 

Sadly on the first late day of parent teacher conferences, one of the families at our school was involved in a serious car accident.  In the accident our school lost a student.  We were informed just 15 minutes before school was to start.  It was a very solemn couple of days.  The students and teachers held each other for comfort. 

Students wore pink on Friday in honor of our student who passed away.
Today, all the articles left at the memorial wall/tree will be delivered to her mom.

Today I will be taking the kids to the church the family attended which will be followed by a fundraiser to help the family.  On this note, I hope that you show your loved ones everyday how much they mean to you.  I came home that night and kissed my kids and told them how much I loved them, although it is impossilbe to explain how much I really do. 

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