Sunday, June 1, 2014

Susan G Komen 3-Day Part 1: Opening Ceremony (picture heavy because words cannot accurately describe what my soul felt)

DAY 1:  I trained for the day for so long and I raised over $2,600.  Still I wondered what I had gotten myself into.  The chill in the ear bit into my ears and my nose and I was all alone amid a sea of pink shirts and tutus.  Of course, my camera decided it didn't want to work, so I took out my phone and started taking pictures.  As if the Arizona sky was aware of this significance of the day, the early morning clouds turned a beautiful shade of pink.

As I wandered around I met some girls from Seattle which instantly brightened my day because best friend had just moved to Seattle.  I began to realize how happy everyone was to be at this incredible event and the sense of community that was involved.

Still, I was alone.  Not many people in this crowd seemed to be alone.  I also don't approach people I don't know if they don't approach me first so, I was pretty much assured to be walking a 60 miles of self discovery and of testing of my own will and determination.  Until Susan and her team changed my life.  I didn't know it at the moment, but simply by standing near the stage, life, God, fate, or just plain luck had placed me exactly where I needed to be for the time in my life where I didn't know if I could accomplish what I had worked so hard to do.  What I did not have the faith in myself for.

Susan:  THE brightest light when
 I look for sources of inspiration
Susan didn't do anything outside of her character.  She was simply Susan.  Because I was close to the stage, she thought I was a survivor waiting for the ceremony to start, I was simply avoiding the crowd.  She asked me to take her picture, and I asked her to take mine.  My mom called the group I ended up with my angels on earth and I couldn't agree more.  Susan is a survivor.  When she found out I would be walking alone and that it was my first event, she did not hesitate in asking me to join her and her team.

I cannot describe the opening ceremony and the emotions that go along with it.  Imagine a crowd of survivors and their supporters, of those who were left behind by mothers, sisters, daughters, and of those who simply want to see an end to this awful disease.  Some of the walkers were at the time undergoing chemo treatments.  Some, like Paul, walked in memory of a wife lost too soon.  If you ever have the chance to attend a 3-Day event as a volunteer, a walker or a spectator, DO NOT hesitate.  I am not exaggerating when I say that you leave with a new perspective on life.  A new appreciation for those you love.
The man in the pink hat and blue shirt:
Paul walking for his wife.
The only person I knew
at this time was on the
stage.  All of the others
who would become life-
long friends, ended up
in the random pictures
I was taking.
Do you see the funny bra?
 Sara a veteran walker.
The lady in the hat next to her?
Lee, also an experienced walker.
I started the day alone, but soon I was accompanied by five living angels who pushed me and believed in me so much more than I believed in myself.  Not all angels have wings, some walk along side us and don't even realize they are angels.
The smallest, and mightiest angel, Tina
 is to the left of Paul (in the pink hat).  

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